Tax Advisory Services

·         All legal forms of tax declaration

·         Tax planning and management

·         Expert opinions on tax questions of all kinds

·         Corporate tax restructuring (reorganisation tax law)

·         Consulting of social enterprises

·         Consulting of corporate successors

·         Inheritance tax law

·         Legal succession consultancy

·         International tax law

·         Assistance in tax and extraordinary audits

·         Consultancy on corporate planning and selection of corporate legal form

·         Representation with tax authorities and finance courts


President of the Public Accountants for the State of Hesse
Harald Gallus was appointed as the president of the Public Accountants for the State of Hesse by the German Chamber of Public Accountants for a period of four years.

International JPAI Meetings
The next JPAI meetings: 07-08 February 2019, Paris, France 13-15 June 2019, Amsterdam & The Hague, The Netherlands

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