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By car:


  • Coming from east on the  motorway A 3, change to motorway A 66 at the “Wiesbadener Kreuz”
  • At “Kreuz Wiesbaden Erbenheim”, change to the road B 455 which changes its name to B 54 later.
  • Follow the B 54; keep left before entering the tunnel.
  • You are now on the „Gustav-Stresemann-Ring“.
  • After 900 meters, turn right into the “Bahnhofstraße”.

  • Coming from south on the motorway A 5, change to motorway A 67 (direction Mainz/Wiesbaden).
  • At the „Rüsselsheimer Dreieck“, change to A 60 and to A 671 at the “Mainspitz-Dreieck”.
  • At “Mainz-Kastel”, change to the road B 455.
  • Continue as described above.

  • Coming from southwest on the motorway A 63, change to A 60 (direction: Ingelheim) at “Kreuz Mainz Süd”.
  • At the “Mainzer Dreieck”, change to A 643 which changes its name to B 262 later.
  • After 1400 meters, turn right into the “Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring”
  • After 700 meters, turn left into the “Bahnhofstraße”.

  • Coming from north on the motorway A 3, change to road B 455 at the motorway exit “Wiesbaden/Niedernhausen”
  • Keep on the right track to Wiesbaden “Zentrum”
  • At the central station, turn left into the Bahnhofstraße.

By S-Bahn (suburban train):


  • Take S1, S8 or S9 (direction: Wiesbaden) as far as "Hauptbahnhof" (central station)
  • Leave the central station through the main entrance, cross the “Gustav-Stresemann-Ring” via underpass to enter the “Bahnhofstraße”.
  • Approx. 5 minutes of walking.

From Frankfurt Airport:


  • About 20 minutes by taxi
  • About 35 minutes by S-Bahn, departure every 15 minutes.

President of the Public Accountants for the State of Hesse
Harald Gallus was appointed as the president of the Public Accountants for the State of Hesse by the German Chamber of Public Accountants for a period of four years.

International JPAI Meetings
The next JPAI meetings: 07-08 February 2019, Paris, France 13-15 June 2019, Amsterdam & The Hague, The Netherlands

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