We focus on medium-sized companies of all legal structures. Most of our clients come from the following areas:
Industrial Production

·         Suppliers of automobile parts

·         Construction industry

·         Printing and publishing industry

·         Electro-technical industry

·         Engineering, plant construction

·         Metal industry


Trade and Service Industries

·         Architects

·         Opticians

·         Booksellers

·         Financial services

·         Graphic designers

·         Wholesale and retail industries

·         Hotels / Restaurants

·         Real Estate Agencies

·         IT-Companies

·         Automobile dealers

·         Logistic companies

·         Market research enterprises

·         Lawyers and solicitors

·         Corporate consultants

·         Advertising agencies


Health Services

·         Doctors and pharmacists

·         Biotechnical / biomedical laboratories

·         Dental laboratories

·         Research

·         Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths

·         Hospitals

·         Care services / Senior citizens' residences


Social Enterprises and Charities




President of the Public Accountants for the State of Hesse
Harald Gallus was appointed as the president of the Public Accountants for the State of Hesse by the German Chamber of Public Accountants for a period of four years.

International JPAI Meetings
The next JPAI meetings: 07-08 February 2019, Paris, France 13-15 June 2019, Amsterdam & The Hague, The Netherlands

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